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    Hey, so I found my way here. It's going to take me a little while to learn my way around...do you have a tank thread here?
    HI David,

    I just wanted to say that it was real nice meeting you and your girlfriend over the weekend. Now I know why Rick talks so good about you. You're tank is awesome. Love the fish. Keep up the good work. April
    interested in a bunch of things email me, please at coe4186@gmail.com where do you live i starting a new tank want alittle of it all
    Hey David,
    Great meeting you and thanks for helping Emilie. She enjoyed your lesson and got alot from it. She is interested in coming in every 2 weeks, if agreeable to you. I would like you to speak to her (she'll call) at one point during the week to discuss what you expect from her in practice and committment. This worked very well in her piano when she was uninspired and hit a plateau we changed instructor and she excelled to a perfect score on level 5 last year. Your direction on positioning, balance and getting rid of the shoulder thing were excellent, as well as the nuances of feel and interpretation. Thanks again,
    hi there....
    i was wondering if i could enlist your help. i am trying to purchase two pieces of coral from another reefer but he doesn't seem to be very resposnsive. would you mind inquiring about the corals on my behalf. thanks. btw my name is snoopy. nice to meet ya!!
    Yes it is available. First come, first serve.

    I'm in Rego Park (63rd Drive and 99th Street) - Near Marshalls and Sears.
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