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  • Hi Andre
    I sent you a message I would come tomorrow am Monday I need a address.Im in Ronkonkoma
    Matt 631 807 6450
    Thanks again for coming out of the way for the exchange guy.
    Will have to pop in one day soon for some more corals. lol
    Nic, I have a ggod amount of stuff, I could meet you at roosevelt field mall or ship.. ill pm u my number if you want to call me later and i can go over everything i have.. i'll hook you up, no worries man
    If I buy 25 or shiPping it's self you mean ? I rather get a few from you or
    Meet halfway somewhere so u have pieces for 5 bucks huh ? Are they fragged up already or u have a few nice piece that I can get a bunch ? I lost all my fish and coral do to sandy man so just trying to get back uP
    wasup man, what inda duc u ride? just got my 1198 but its hard too fin someone with a duc too ride with. lol got a 335 drop top too white on red lol
    ya, nice man, lmk when u get one again, i have a 916 w 955 kit and its being rebuilt right now from ground up.. all carbon fiber custom everything and me w no money! lol!
    Hey Andre, what's up. You were in the other day when it was nuts in the store. Did Bob give you anything for the xenia?
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