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  • I want to be fair, so here is scoop. Chiller in office is a 1/3hp. That chiller is several years old and I would say in fair shape. ( I do see condensation forming sometimes in the summer). I was planning on keeping it until it ever died and had the other one in basement as backup.

    If interested in that one, which I would say is in fair shape, I guess $175 without controller and $225 with controller. Controller alone, is a dual stage controller that I paid a couple of years ago for about $175.

    One caveat. I do not know how long chiller will last, so no guarantees, except that it kept my tank good even when inside temp was at 89 degrees. Just don't want you to be mad, because eventually, it will need a repair.
    i would love to go but just had my first baby maybe u could pick me up some frags. let me know keep in touch
    Hi Eddy,

    I went to Nerac at Atlantis. Had fun. I am looking forward to Manhattan Reef frag swap at Prat Institute in Brooklyn, last time I went, they had awesome frags.
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