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  • Hey, I saw your for sale ad. In your 3rd pic I see what looks like 2 pink leathers up front. Is that what they are? Interested in selling one? Any zoas for sale? I'm right up 106 in Oyster Bay
    - Joe
    I do now.lol hey won't be around until Monday. Thanks again, just text me when you think you will be in the area
    Shot you a text dude, no rush on reply. Basically looking for small pieces of zoas. A few polyps on each piece. I'm not to knowledgable on the different names but I like the fire and ice. Looking to add some color to my tank. Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.
    Hi Jessie
    i was wondering if you have any more clementines for sale. Mine disconnected from the frag plug and I cant find it anywhere. Id like to buy if you do.By the way those Morphs you gave me look great I have had a couple of people comment on them. They will ask what is the name of those they are really nice.Ill say they were a throw in no name they cant believe it

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