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  • Also theres a guy named "the Big Dog" looking for a tassled file fish
    We have a 3-4" beautiful one at carle place, hes on sale for $75
    I just found his thread on page 2
    If anyone asks why Setauket is taking so long , let them know we just got the custom coral trays from our acrilyc manufacturer and that is one of the major reasons for such a long delay and were still waiting on our kessil lighting We want to have the room ready for our reef customers before we open We want to get the room open more than anyone else,sorry for the long delay we want to make sure we set up the room right
    How have you been buddy.... I dont know if you guys are interested or not but I have a colony of Real Red Hornets that I am selling for a freind. I am talking about 80+ polyps !!!!!!!
    Kevin, its thane..How have you been...Are you still interested in getting rid of that favia....or maybee a few...pm me ...Hope you had a good thanksgiving.
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