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  1. 40 breeder for sale

    Light and reefkeeper
  2. 40 breeder for sale

  3. 40 breeder for sale

    I'm parting out my 40 breeder Tank drilled with glass holes overflow and 2 returns 60.00 Custom made stand and canopy 400.00 Reefkeeper lite with phone and temp probe and 6 moonlight 160.00 Bubble magus nac 3.5 skimmer 90.00 Brs dual reactor 35.00 Current 4 bulb t5 light 50.00 20 long sump with...
  4. 40 breeder for sale

    Ok with regret I'm selling my 40 breeder just having two tanks going is too much here is what I have the tank is drilled with a glass holes overflow two returns 4 bulb t5 light bars dual reactor mp10 reef keeper with moonlight nac3.5 skimmer 20 gallon sump triton 3 pump Jbj ato stand and canopy...
  5. Vertex illumina sr260

    I'm selling this light for a friend of mine its a 3' fixture with 2 additional modules so you have 7 colors white, blue, royal blue, red, green, uv, warm white, the light is only 6 months old he had a flood and broke everything down 3,000 new asking 2,000
  6. 4 sol blues for sale

    I'm selling my sol blues all with wireless adapters and the director to control them not looking to part out all for 1,100 will post pic's lights are up and running on my tank
  7. Diy bio pellet reactor

    Just made this works great just went a different route everything you need except pellets 50$
  8. Diy bio pellet reactor

    Selling this works great everything you need reactor pump and valves 50$
  9. New store old store

    Just went to Carribian blue aquarium in bayshore he has stepped up his game coral section looks great has very decent prices and also has high end equipment in stock salifert test kits I saw bubble magistrate skimmers also a bubble magistrate triple doses on the shelf very impressed
  10. Rbta for sale

    I got another one this on is the size of a lacrosse ball 30 bucks
  11. Rbta for sale

    Well it split again this one is about the size of a softball 50 $ I don't go to the city
  12. Hanna testers

    I have two hanna testers cal and alk with plenty of reagents 50 $ each
  13. What is growing on my snail? ??

    Can anyone tell me what these things are that are on my snails shell sorry phone pics and lights are almost off
  14. Tube anemone for sale

    Purple and green tube anemone for sale 50$
  15. rbta and green nepthea for sale

    my rbta split again this time he is about the size of the palm of your hand 50 $ and a huge green nepthea about 11" tall stalk about 2" 150$ i will try to post picks later i dont travel to the city pick up in patchogue long island or meet some where reasonable