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  • Hi Gary-
    I'm a video producer and an unlikely niche that I ended up in is aquarium tanks. A number of years back I filmed Randy Donowitz's Pratt Reef, and I also zigzagged across the north east for a followup with more tanks.

    In addition to full credits on the packaging (if desired), this is a paid gig. We paid Randy $1,000 for 3 tanks. We usually pay about $100 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. Royalties are not out of the question either, it's just that most times people prefer a lump sum to future payment. Especially if they don't know who we are, which is most people.

    Anyway, you can check our site here: This is sort of a side business for me. Our main products are calibration discs for home theater.
    All the best,
    Jason Rosenfeld
    Scenic Labs, LLC
    US P: 973-933-1455
    US F: 973-547-9161
    UK P: +44 20 7193 7351
    Skype: jasonrosenfeld
    where in patchogue are you from?? i see your friends with crazy jeremy lol.
    i am in medford. i think i had seen you at lira on friday????
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