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  • Hey HArry,?.I got your message?..when you say DD??you mean as in the same dims as a deep dimension by marine land? If you recall,?you and I met t Aquarium Vilage a few years ago?.I am the guy that lived next to Jean Denet bakery in Bay Ridge!!!!!! I can mek this tank for you no problem at all sir. How have you been man? I live in the Bronx now, but still cant get a decent sfogliatelle like Jean Denet?..LOL?..I am now the manager at the new max reef.
    yes we do. We now try to carry it in 100 gallon buckets for convenience and for the weight of it, but we charge the same for 2 ot the 100 buckets as we do for the 200 boxes.
    I am picking up a shipment of ESV stuff Thursday afternoon. I am sure whatever we get will go fast. I also have a much bigger shipment coming in the following week.
    The 15 boxes we had in the store were sold out by this afternoon. We will have many more and will continue to honor the price. We will post on MR when the next shipment comes in. We are expecting at least 3 more shipments.
    We still have at least a half dozen left at the store and we are getting many more for this sale. If we are out for any reason, we will honor the price for at least 3 weeks, possibly more depending on the pre-order and response we get.
    Ok sounds good. Give me a call when your about to pick the anemone up today.
    Meet you in between Northern Blvd and Bell Blvd at an arranged time.
    Your PM box is full, might want to clean it out.
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