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    jabol, I just introduced a golden dwarf eel into my tank. he just came in from hawaii and I got a nice deal on him at a LFS ($129). his color was good, he is probably full grown ~ 9-10" long.

    I am taking a risk with him, as I have a few small fish in my tank including yashia and randalli gobies, two yellow head jawfish. Also there is a purple firefish and blue spot jawfish but both are full grown and quite fat, probably too big for the eel to eat.

    The eel wasted no time entering the jawfishes' burrows but didn't eat them. Blue spot freaked out a bit but seems to have settled back down. The yashia goby is okay too (he's the smallest fish).

    First night I saw him out a bit, only once the next day, and haven't seen him since. I'd like to start offering him food as he may go after fish if hungy... so I was curious how long it took for your guy to start eating frozen food and what you have found to be the most desirable food for him.

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