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  • Hi Josh, my name is Michael Foote (aka 'Amberjack'). VP, Atlanta Reef Club (www.atlantareefclub.org). We are a rather large club with 712 dues paying members. I was trying to convey a point to my membership and wanted to know if Manhattan Reefs is an online community or a club that holds meetings. If you have a brief club history, public info of course, I would greatly appreciate it.

    BTW, I was born in The Bronx and raised in Queens, still have family there. I've lived in Atlanta for 35 years. I always like to visit your site to see how others are enjoying our wonderful hobby
    Regards, Michael
    Whats up? Did you ever set up another reef or are still laying low? Thanks for the pump again.
    Hi, just checkin out some of your photography. Can I ask what camera you are using and under what light conditions and F settings are you shooting under? Your shots are amazing! I can't seem to get any good shots of my tank. Thanks.
    how do we upload directly to the FOTW section???? do we have to upload to our own folder first????
    Remember when I forgot the password last time? I forgot it again. I thought it was guitarhero but it doesen't work.
    jHolE is the human ET ;) that's leSLie when she was younger, but I have a huge crush on JH so it's all good.

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