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  • hey ill bring back you needle wheel pump bc it doesnt work.i put a plug on it, it works but it send electric shocks thru the whole tank so ill order a needle wheel thru ebay and when i get the new pump ill let you know about the skimmer. but man the phosban reactor lowered my phosphates to undetectable, i brought my water to absolutly fish to test my water and they said i have 0 phosphatesand my alk was low though. it was like 7. so i dosed alk and the tank is fine now. my ro is not the cause. its the sand that has silicate in it bc i bought the sand from home depot and made it live with a bag of live sand. thats why my phosphates where so high. but i will order the pump now so i can get it by next weekend. the needle wheel i have is too big and doesnt fit on the fitting. thanx so much. will give you input on everything.
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