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  • It says you can't accept anymore private messages because you've exceeded your space . 330 for both is your answer
    Hey Kenny. All the corals are doing great. let me know when that meteor shower frag will be available and I will come pick it up.
    Hey Keny, thx for the zoas. Hope they'll do good in my tank. They seems so small (espesialy the blue tubs) even if they already opened. Hope they will grow and I will enjoy them for a long time.
    Please get me the name of stuff you were adding to the water maybe it will help my shrums to grow.
    Please do not forget to bring to the swap an Acan frag that u promissed.
    Thanks again.
    Thanks for the awesome corals. You really hooked me up with that blue digi? It is a blue digi right? I am really feeling that coral.
    Anyway, Just wanted to say thanks and I will come see you again soon.
    I really appreciate you hooking me up like that. Talk to you soon.
    hey interested in everything...please lmk...i am looking to jumpstart my zoas :)...lmk....i am looking for other zoa frags as well
    Interested in blue tubs for sure, maybe some others I don't have...
    Still available???
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