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  1. Just arrived at pets aquatic. Esv & lrs

    Need price gallon ESV?
  2. The new max reef aquariums

    How much money for the tank ask 3 times interested in purchasing please reply?
  3. **RANT** Bad Business / PETS AQUATIC

    WOW, the customer is always right!!! I worked in the food industry for 30 years and I was taught on my first day the customer is never wrong, almost got fired for being dumb!!! Also we have so many better stores to shop at!!!
  4. Building aquarium

    Does any one have experience building tanks I can't fing much info on the subject. If any one can help?
  5. The new max reef aquariums

    I understand,what kind money you looking for?
  6. Fire sale. 120 gallon Oceanic RR setup for sale.

    Tank looks rough? Does it hold water?
  7. Buying new or used

    How do we determine the ago on the aquarium?
  8. Buying new or used

    Great advice Thanks
  9. The new max reef aquariums

    What's the price and size?
  10. Buying new or used

    Ha guys, what do think is better to purchase a new tank or go with a used tank? If you go used, is the any way to tell the age of a used tank? :spin:
  11. Cheato

    I think it goes for more in the stores...
  12. Cheato

    Can you ship?
  13. F/S : 90g Tank/Stand

    How old is the tank?
  14. Mustard tangs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What time do you open on Saturday?