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  • Sean is a very nice guy. I don't know how he can afford so much money on drop off tank. He's got good taste. But he should spend the money on fish where he makes profit. I walk there once a week. I love the store. I picked up nice purple tang. He must have money to paid the rent for 6 months and not even be open. Are you going to Westchester club meeting which Gill's be hoisting...
    Sal, you go by Gills yet, not fully stock, by next month he will be. If you buy stuff make sure you deal with the owner Sean.
    Sal, just a heads up...Was at The Reef shoppe yesterday and going to have a sale tomorrow.
    max reef is moving to bridgeport . last night i went there and nelson told me that they are moving the store to conn to a much larger location something like 20000 square feet i wish them luck. too bad bridgeport is a hike for most of us
    Sal, did you hear about Ax Coral a new place on Yonkers Ave. Going to stop by tomorrow if I get a chance. Open between 3-6. Hot reef is making some news. Selling stuff cheaper online than if you were to buy in store.
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