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  1. Macroalgae

    Looking for any caulerpa or other macroalgae to start a refugium. I have some anthelia for trade.
  2. LED Repair

    Hello, Does anyone repair or know where to repair Led lighting fixtures? Thank you.
  3. WTB Xenia

    Hello MR, Anyone have Xenia? I'm looking for all types. Thanks!
  4. Pods & Mini brittle starfish

    Hi MR, I'm looking for some pods and mini brittle stars for a refugium. Anyone in Nassau County,LI or Manhattan have some they can spare. Thanks!
  5. WTB Anthelia & Xenia

    Anyone have anthelia and Xenia elongata frags? Thanks!
  6. WTB Spaghetti Leather

    Does anyone in Northern NJ have a frag for sale? They are also called Rasta Leather. Thanks!
  7. Anyone have Macro algae in NJ?

    Hi, I'm looking to start a refugium and was wondering if anyone has some spare algae in NJ. I can pick up in Manhattan as well. Thanks!
  8. PowerBrite LED

    Hi, Is anyone using this as a refugium lighting? If so, how effective is it and which model? Thanks in advance. ulmo
  9. WTB Caulerpa

    Does anybody have some they can spare? I have some chaeto for trade. I'm in Bergen, NJ. Thanks!
  10. TEK 36" 6 bulb T5 lighting for trade

    I have a Sun System TEK 36" 6 bulb light fixture that I would like to trade for a 48" light fixture either T5 or MH. I just upgraded. Thanks!
  11. FS: Duel 250 MH PFO

    I have a duel 250W MH PFO retro for sale. It comes with reflectors, bulbs, sockets and ballast for $200. Here are some pictures.
  12. FS: Hippo Tang, Yellow Tang, Mandarin

    Hi Everyone, I have the following fish for sale: 5" Hippo Tang $40 3" Yellow Tang $20 Green Mandarin $10 All fish are healthy and eating.
  13. LR for Sale, Flushing Queens

    I will be moving soon and need to break down my tank. I have about 100 lbs of LR and selling it for $2/lbs. Pictures can be found in my gallery. Thanks.
  14. Free GSP, green polyps & red mushroom

    I did some cleaning and have some frags. Pick up in Flushing and send me a PM for the exact address. ulmo
  15. Rose Anemone for sale

    I'm selling a rose anemone for $50. I need the extra room in my tank. Thanks!