5 gallon bottle terrarium


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Selling one of my bottle terrariums to make some room in the house. Has a croton plant inside along with 3 other smaller plants red and pink that will grow over time. Also some green moss keep the bottle clean. you have to water this once every 15 years with the cork in. If you choose not to keep the cork on you will have to water it once a month. Asking $250 Pick up in Brooklyn NY 11236 when everything is over and safe to travel
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LOL, been to TOO MANY states, Kansas, FL, CA/Oregon, PA, NJ, and now back to NYC doing kitchen cabinets and software development.

Do you still keep a lot of fish? If you need a hospital tank (20G long) and a gallon of Copper Safe for pre-fish, come get it FREE this weekend.) Check out my complete garage sale.

Any update on your 650G tank? I cannot see any pics from your signature any more