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Coral Spotlight | Gorgonians
11-18-2018, 01:59 AM
Common Names: Sea fan

Difficulty Level: Gorgonian encompasses a wide range of animals with difficulties ranging from near impossible to relatively easy.

Feeding: Gorgonians will generally accept meat based foods that are no larger than the polyps. NPS specimens will need to be fed far more often than their photosynthetic cousins.

Waterflow: Strong laminar flow is best at a perpendicular angle to the fan growth pattern of gorgs.

Placement: Some gorgonians can be a bit aggressive, so take care to place them where they can continue growing up towards the light without coming into contact with other corals.

General: The most common method of telling photosynthetic gorgonians apart from their ,near impossible, non-photosynthetic cousins is by polyp color. Most gorgs with brown polyps are photosynthetic while most other colors including white, blue and yellow are NPS species

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