Advanced Marine Aquatics

Manhattan Reefs
Albertson NY
Hello everyone here is this weeks update

-Arriving Tomorrow-
Flame Wrasse Supermales and females
Hawaiian Flame Angels
Bartlett anthias

-In Stock-
Tiger Jawfish
Kupang damsel
Sergeant major
Flame angel Marshall Islands
Clown goby
Yasha goby
Helfrichi firefish
Rainfordi goby
Yellow flank wrasse
Desjardini tang tiny
Ruby red
Wardi goby
Scooter blenny
Hippo tang
Pink margin wrasse
Purple pseudo
Yellow belly hippo tiny
Naoko wrasse
Sleeper goby
Six line wrasse
Mystery wrasse
Smith blenny
Gold cleaner wrasse
Thunder maroon
Orangeback wrasse
Juvi emp
Borbonius anthias
Clown tang
Rhomboid wrasse female
Wheeler goby
Cave goby
Coral beauty
Diamond tail flasher
Yellow coris
Algae blenny
Chevron tang
Black ice clown
Fireball clown
Dragon pipefish
Wyoming white
Deepwater cave cleaner shrimp
Blue stripe pipe
Stripe pipe
Midnight clown
Orange storm
Black storm
Fromia stars
Raccoon butterfly
Yellow tail tamarin
Wild true percula
Yellow tang
Majestic angel
Stripe cardinal
Masked rabbit
Powder brown tang
Starry blenny
Purple tang
Coral hog
Cleaner wrasse
Bicolor angel
Koran angel
Achilles tang
Blue eye Kole
Red stripe tile
Marble wrasse
Chromis angel
Black leopard
Sunset anthias
Valencia goby
Radiant wrasse
Swallow tail angel
Powder blue
Blonde Naso
Majestic fox
Domino damsel
Blue belly damsel
Unicorn tang
Coopers anthias
Gold sleeper
Bicolor blenny
Convict tang
springeri damsel
Blue devil damsel
Longnose hawk
Bellus angel male and female
Sohal tang
Square anthias
Panther grouper
Squirrel fish
Niger trigger
Clown trigger


Experienced Reefer
long island
Awesome store, great selection of fish and coral. Amazing staff, They even honored a price on a fish they gave me a shipment ago. A+ in my book a definitely will be going back again.

Dark Star

New Reefer
Manhattan Reefs
Long island
I am new to the hobby. Andrew has spent the time to explain how to get started ?the right way? and I appreciate his time and expertise. I?m happy with all purchases and look forward to each visit.

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