I'm looking for interesting ricordia (I currently have several that are orange, teal, green, would like something different) zoanthids (yellow, blues, watermelon, etc.), mushrooms, pink tipped green frogspawn, bright, dense frags/colony of green star polyps and a small fox coral. I live on Long Island, but work in Bellerose (Queens). Do you have a brick and mortar store and if so what is the address? I'd like to come out and take a look.


Don't diss softies!
i would also be interested if you got your hands on a rare ric or yuma. i have been dying to get a got pink yuma for the longest time. do what you can. if the retail price would be unbelievably high then just forget it.


I don't need the GSP or frogspawn anymore. I'm still looking for interesting zoas, mushrooms and rics. However, I can't pay $100 for a single polyp so don't get an overly exotic piece on my account. A small frag of blue or rainbow zoas would be awesome though. As would a small green fox coral or an interesting discosoma mushroom.

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