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Advanced Reefer

-2 Cleaner Shrimp(Large)
-2 Peppermint Shrimp
-1 Blue Linkia Starfish
-1 Cultured Acro
-1 Plate Coral
-1 Goniopora
-1 Ultra Green Clove Polyps Rare
-1 Purple Montipora Digitata
-1 Superman Montipora (no price yet)
-1 Green Torch Coral
-1 Sky Blue Mushroom Colony
-1 Red Gorgonian
-1 Orange Rhodactis Mushroom Colony
-1 Anthellia Pulsing
-2 3.5inch+ Ultra Crocea Clams
-1 3 inch Farm Raised Derasa Clam
-1 2 inch Teardrop Maxima Gold
-1 3 inch Teardrop Maxima Gold
-1 Micromussa Colony
-1 Acan Lord
-1 Cultured Pocillopora
-1 Blue blue blue Zoanthid Colony
-20+ pieces of frags zoos and LPS

Will post pics as soon as shipment acclimates. If you would like to reserve your pieces, please contact me.
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Pending pics I'll take 5 polyps of the blue zoas and, if possible I'd like to get ONE each of the orange and sky-blue mushrooms - not the colony, but just one mushroom of each. I'd also like to see pics of the other zoo frags.

Aquatic Life Direct

Advanced Reefer
OMG! This shipment is no joke! This is by far the best shipment I ever recieved(even though I spent alot). I cant wait to take pics for you guys! I even got a piece of blue gargonian.... the colors this shipment are insane!

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