Fish disease problem. PLEASE HELP!!!


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Hi. I am having a problem in my saltwater fish tank. Some of the fish seem to be developing some kind of parasite which causes them to often itch or have cloudy eyes. Whenever I dip them into fresh water, there seems to be small white oval shapes that have fallen off of the fish (I believe they are called dead flukes). However, the fish in my tank seem to still have the problem no matter how many times i do these freshwater dips. I have no coral or anemones. How can I get rid of this problem. Thank you in advance.


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Fresh water dips and baths will remove the Gill Flukes that are on the fish but not the ones that are in the tank. So, once you put the fish back into the tank they will get infected all over again. Get PraziPro and treat the tank, and it may take a number of treatments to get rid of the Gill Fluke, even then you mayn't get rid of them. The only good think about Gill Flukes is it does take sometime before a fish will die from them, especially large fish. Just make sure that they're eating.

Follow the link, as it will give you a lot of good information
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