Polyclad flatworm advice


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I have at least one polyclad flatworm that has decimated my snail population. I caught a glimpse of it a few months ago but wasn't quick enough with the turkey baster. Speedy sucker hid in one of my rocks. Someone suggested I try Prazi-Pro, so I relocated my coco worm to a friend's tank and dosed the DT this morning. Now how do I know if it worked? Any suggestions?


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I had at least two. One, I nearly killed myself pulling a giant piece of rock that I saw it in, (almost fell off of a ladder with said rock in hand). The second one I was successful in siphoning it out. I tried trapping it with all manner of clams (it won't eat the silversides) and after that gave up and put the Prazi-pro into the tank. The only way to know they are dead (one must assume that where there was one.....) is to put a snail or two into the tank and wait. It's been 4 months since I dosed the Prazi-pro, and I still have the two large snails. I used Mexican Turbos, but the Polyclad (at least mine) seemed to enjoy ALL of my Nerites. (black and white shells)

Does this help? How big is your tank?