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We'd like to start a 'portfolio' of FTSs (Full Tank Shots) so members can get ideas for aquascaping tanks in various sizes.

We can start with grouping tanks: up to 24",25-48", 49-72", 73-96" and over 8'.
Each post is for 1 FTS only, you may list start dates, dimensions & gallons, tank type (rimless, bow front, etc), an estimate of the amount of live rock and a link to your MR tank thread...

These threads are not for comments (good or bad) which will be deleted, however you may go to their tank thread to leave a comment.

There's always the chance that some of these pics will end up on the Home Page! :)


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Biocube 29


29 gallon biocube running 11 months.

25 lbs dry Marco rocks and 20 lbs caribsea live sand to start it off.

Upgraded from the stock lighting to T5 then to a Hydra 26hd over the top.


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