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Around 40. I use large scrubber to control nutrients and dose CANo3 daily to keep nitrates 3-5ppm
First , great pics.
I remember i see your System , looks super nice.
Back to algae Scrubber , i think you need to balance the NO3 , by remove some from filter , may be........ to....... efficient , i was in same situation , is NOT good to go "zero" NO3 then add some , not welcome ( in my opinion) NO3, 100% agree with you, NO3 around 4 ppm and PO4 0.03 is just ....perfect, low NO3 make Corals grow faster......but NO color, i try few times 0.25 ppm ....0.75 ppm NO3 , corals grow fast ......but....NOT .....good color. NOT to mention a way more healthy to have some NO3 and PO4 for........Bacteria grow, in top of this ...low ALK. around 7 dKH. In my opinion.