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I would like some opinions on what camera I should buy. I am looking to get something to serve a couple purposes. One it needs to be small so I can throw it in a pocket and take it places to use as a regular camera. I can't stand dragging around a big camera (so unfortunatly no SLRs). However, I still want it to have a decent zoom and macro mode so I can take nice pictures of my tank. I am leaning toward a sony T300, I tried one in a store and it has this sweet extreme macro mode where you can focus as close a 1cm from the lense so you can pretty much put the camera against something and still foucs. That said, I really don't know to much about cameras so I could use a little guidence. Thanks


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Fairfield NJ
Olypmus Stylus 1030 SW or the 770 SW both are waterproof up to 33 feet. I have used it up to 60 feet with out a problem. Plus if you drop it they are super durable. Check them out i really enjoy playing around with it. I have the 770 SW

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Any pictures of mine prior to February 2008 are with a Kodak easy share 3.1 pixel camera - got it at SAMS club - it came with a docking station

Paid like $275 - love it!