New Tank Start-up


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I just filled my my 46-bowfront with new salt water from my LFS and added a heater and 2-AC50 powerheads. My 45-lbs.of live rock will arrive tomorrow.
My questions are: After I put my live rock in do I need to run my PC lights like 12-hrs. per day during the cycle period ????
Do I need to add the 1" to 2" of live sand right after adding the live rock ?
And should I do a partial water change of 10% 1-week after installing the live rock & live sand ?

I am excited as heck.. ..and want to do everything possible the correct way to insure a successful start to my FOWLR tank.


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you dont need your lights on while you cycle your tank

you can add however much sand you feel is needed, you should read up on BB (bare bottom) and DSB (deep sand bed) when deciding which route your going to take.