Where is the best place for the electric strips, etc?


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The above is a pic of my tank with less Coraline and the stand where my 30 gallon sump will go. I am worried about where I should put all of my strips, Reef Keeper, etc. I am going to push the sump all the way to the left (Against the side wall) so I have some room for a water bucket for auto top off. I am also going to have my neighbor put in a double outlet with gfi outlets. I also plan on putting my 9 inch laptop somewhere to to the side or inside the stand so I can set up my Reef keeper remotely (not 100% set on this yet because my wife is home most times and she knows the basic parameters but it would be nice to be able to check it remotely).

Any recommendations on what I should do with the electric strips, Reef Keeper, plugs, etc? Should I try to get the outside the stand somehow instead of inside the stand? Inside would look nicer but I know outside would be safer.