HOB Skimmer & Regular Skimmer Question


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So at the moment i have a in sump skimmer. But my question is if i was to purchase a HOB skimmer and have it hanging from my sump will i have the same skimming results as the skimmer being in the sump?
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It's all about the quality of the skimmer if you buy a good HOB skimmer you will get the same same quality of skimming. I think the saying "you get what you pay for" applys..


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I have 2 tanks w/sump skimmers, 3 tanks w/hob skimmers and 1 tank w/no skimmer. The sump skimmers with the pump with higher water pressure produce more product ime. The hob skimmers with the small needlewheel pumps work ok but the skimmate appears more watery.


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Also alot of hob skimmers need water lever at certain height. Well so do the sump skimmers. But atleast the sump skimmer are hanging from the top rim of ur sump where the water level may be inches lower then what the manufacturer intended.