Looking for info on a saltwater setup for beginner

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Yea I am looking to get into saltwater tanks because I finally have the room for it and I love there beauty. I'm basically looking for any information on saltwater setups that can help me get started also if you guys kno any good shops I can stop at on long island thank you


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And take you time!!!! & do your home work!!!!

Get an RO/DI!!!! do not use tap water!!!! if you will in the long run you will have problems, that was my mistake, do not use HOB filters, try to get eveything one MR market place, cregslist, or ebay, you will save $$$. AND TAKE YOU TIME!!!! & DO YOUR HOME WORK!!!!
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The first thing you should do is purchase a good book on SW tanks and made some decisions as to what kind of a tank you want to set up...Reef or FOWLR.

Devoting the time to look through our 'Tank Threads' Forum will help you learn the type of equipment you will need to set up your dream tank. Most everyone lists what their equipment is and how they went about setting up their tanks.
You can't expect others to tell you what will make you happy and what will fit into your budget.

Look at it this way - if I did your homework when you were in school - what did YOU learn? :)

All stores have different things to offer, some carry more fish/merchandise than the others. The one that may be best for fish may not be the best one to purchase equipment from. It all depends on what you are loking to purchase.


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Your gonna have a trillion questions. I have a million answers. Feel free to PM absolutely any question u may have. For every answer you get u may end up with 6 new questions. Its like watching lost!

So be patient its a long but awesome road ahead of you.

Im willing to help