need some tips on improving my tank teaneck nj


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teaneck nj
i was wondering is there anyone near by teaneck nj that i can get to know and ask for some tips on how to improve my tank or anyone willing to give me some tips because i thoguht i knew how to set up the tank i think i am doing something wrong bc things keep dieing lol
my set up is a 75 gallon not sure the sump size metal halide bulbs

i had a bad crash and tryen to get back into the hobby been about a year since then the only things that survived are the mushrooms which have been spreading and a candycane that had grown new head also a kenya tree that laid babies
i am guessin maybe the water is good

here is what i do i do water changes every 2 weeks 3 buckets i also bought minerals which i think i am not usen correctly bc there was one time i think i added too much of one chemical and the water turned all white and killed off my yellow tang and galaxy

chemicals i bought and have not used since high purity calcium chloride high purity magnesium sulfate magnesium chloride and soad ash

welz hope i can get some tips on how to get my tank better

thanks joe


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joe if you are doing water changes every 2 weeks, you do not need to add any of those chemicals.. it turned white bc u added way to much calcium.. made the water toxic. take your time read this forum and learn.. ask questions when your not sure.. dont just wing it, this hobby is too expensinve..

do you have a test kit? you need to test for calcium, alk, mag, amonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphates, ph and salinity.. do not add chemicals unless you know u need them.


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first of all u have a 75 gallon tank so right there u need to change 25 gallons of it not 3buckets depending on bucket size. thas a minimum. i had a 30 gal and i was doing 50% water change a week. when ur changing this water what kind of water are u using? tap? or ro/di? as far as those chemicals leave that crap for the scientists lol no need to be dosing a tank unless u know what youre doing.


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i am guessin maybe the water is good
Joe if everything died... the water is no good. Please provide the tests that allows you to think that everything is good. Just because it's clear doesn't mean it's good. Kenyas and mushrooms have a high tolerance... and if that Kenya is continuously dropping... doesn't mean it's a good thing. Unless the kenya is humongous and cannot hold the weight.

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