BC29 Parts Suggestions


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Hi All,

What is the best suitable heater, powerhead and return pump for my Oceanic Biocube 29.

Thanks in advanced.



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Ebo Jager 50w for heater, Korallia for power head. Either nano or the next one up depending on how much flow you want. Maxi jet 1200 for return pump.
These items are pretty much the standard people use.


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MJ1200/MJ900 or Rio 6HF.

Keep in mind that the MJ1200 is 295GPH @ 20w, while the MJ900 is 230GPH (stock pump is 243GPH) @ 8.5w. So it'll be more heat in the tank with the MJ1200, something to consider if you have no cooling method in place during the summer months. Rio 6HF is 350GPH @ 15w, but reported as the noisiest out of the 3.