Replace crushed coral?


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After having my 90 gallon setup with a DSB. I really wished I had done the same to my 20 gallon setup. It is currently setup with about 1-1/2" to 2" of crushed coral. I want to add sand to it. Either replace crushed coral or just add sand on top of the crushed coral? What do you guys think?

Plus, should I add "live sand" or dry sand?
Please help. All input appreciated.


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Bro just do Use live sand save all the water to reuse add the nitrifying bacteria to help with the mini cycle. Use the empty bag trick to minimize the dust cloud.


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as cris said take all the water out, fish and rocks save all that with in a rubbermaid or whatever you got.
- put the heater in there and a powerhead and then take all the CC and throw it out.
- make sure you have extra saltwater ready at the same temp and salinity.
- put the sand in the tank
- put a dish or a plastic bag and then pour water on the bag or dish nice and easy and you will minimize the messy storm inside the tank :biggrin: good luck

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