jus gettining into the hobby


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Welcome to the MR family!!

Is that a 6line wrasse in there?

How long has this tank been running?
What are your parameters, and what test kits are you using?
What exactly is it that you need help with?


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Tanks take time to mature and grow. The tank will eventually get "alive" looking if you wait and allow the tank to mature at its own pace.

I suggest you get more "live rock". In a 10 Gl tank, you should have 10 lbs of Live Rock and 10 lbs of Live sand (These are just general numbers, but a decent guideline for you).


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Welcome to Mr and the hobby I see there is not too much going in ur tank one that fish looks lonely and it eat pods and by the looks of ur tank I dont think its mature enough yet 2) there is no fast way to reefing if u wanna grow a nice tank it take time 3) take some of the advise given from the above members they have some nice tanks and a lot of know how 4 ) what kind of light is that u might need to get a better light 5) if u want some tip u can come check out my nano u might get some good ideas not that I have all the tricks up my sleeve but i can keep Coral alive and don't take this post personal


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All above info is good info IMO
I wolud raise the water line also. The water is crashing down from the filter and salt creep is gonna be WILD in a week or three.
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welcome to MR, enjoy your stay, what others said above, plus make sure that the bulb in the light you have is 6500k, for now till you get a better fixture. Never be afraid to ask questions, their are a lot of members here than can help you out. when you are ready and you can make a trip to Staten Island, i'll give you some frags.


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welcome! thats funny actually...i just bought myself a six line 2 days ago! anyhoo, im not too sure u want that to be your first fish....not to discourage you or anything. they need alot of rockwork for hiding since they spook easily and since ur tank looks like its still in cycling mode, those nitrates and ph stuff might stress the fish causing it to jump out. and if ur planning on doing corals, u would need a better light. if u have time u should read thru the reefs for beginners section and look at what u need to know for the basics. i learn something new everyday from this site!

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