What is your favorite coral?


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Hello, I would like to know what your favorite coral is? Like lets say mine is the wonder woman acan, now what is yours? Write it in the replies. :goldfish2:goldfish2:goldfish2


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mine is from Greg Hiller called Becs lavender pillow. The story is why I like it, I had 3 frags from Greg all awesome, but right after i got them I ended up having to break down my system. I sold them all for dirt cheap to another reefer who at the times was into Acans and the frag didn't do well and ended up never growing and not dieing either it just lingered as a colorless crap frag. on his frag rack for like a year, when I asked him if he could cut me a frag of it for my new system since I didn't know its fate. he said come by it never did anything for me and gave it back to me. Now it took off and looks great I feel super lucky to still have it :D