Turn off skimmer when feeding?


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Just wondering if it makes any sense that I turn off my Remora while feeding... I usually don't turn off my powerheads.

My thinking is that it will keep Phyto, etc in the water longer...but does it really make much differance? Thanks!


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I never turn of my skimmer. I usually slow my pumps down and shut off the main return while feeding. Seems to work for me.:)

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I leave everything going except when I feed cyclopeeze and phyto - I feed those when I do large water changes and have turned off the return pump



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I leave everything on, except for once every couple of weeks. Then I'll shut down my return pump and skimmer. I'll put the food in and give the tank a good 15 - 20 minutes to 'suck up' all the goodies. Gives all the polyps a chance to feed nicely, in addition to the fish.



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I leave everything running and usually feed cyclopeeze either the day before or the same day I'm going to do a water change.

Since you have a small tank, 16g, and have a Remora skimmer where the pump sits in the tank and opposited to skimmer that are in the sump, you may want to turn off the skimmer for a little while as it may pull in a lot of food. Also if you target feed your corals leaving your skimmer on mayn't be a problem.


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Cool - Yeah I pretty much target feed every other night since it takes only a min or two and I like seeing the coral eat..

House- what do you feed during times between big water changes?

Nice- I was just wondering if anyone thought it made a difference - I'll probably just do it when dosing Phyto as that stuff seems like it would get 'skimmed' easily...



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I always turn my remora off when feeding cyclopeeze or phyto. Otherwise you will skim it right out. I usually leave it off for 15 minutes to an hour.

If you don't believe me feed some cyclopeeze with your Remora on and check the cup in an hour, Bright Orange all the way up the tube.

Same goes for phtyo.

I find that I have to clean my skimmer less if I shut it off while feed the planktonous foods.

Everything else I leave it on, pumps too. It's fun to watch the fish chase their food.

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