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hey guys I have a 29g tank..with about
30 nassarius snails..
3 hermit crabs
2 cleaners
1 striped black/white damsel
1 Anthelia (creeping Xenia)

and heres the problem I got suckered into buying 3 Mexian Turbo snails yesterday...
well i noticed just right now...the SHIT ALOT...and its all over the top layer of the sand bad...

Do i need to get rid of that? of the nass. snails or hermit crabs will get rid of that? of should i take the turbo snails out? what shall i do? doesn't poop make alot of ammonia?


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I don't think it is that bad of a problem, some of us have quite a few more turbos and with water changes and good filtration it gives little problems.


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not a problem, but it is an eyesore. when i clean my tank i use the scraper to scrape the top layer of sand and it sorta blends it in :D wait till they do it all over the rocks. :D

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get yourself a few more crabs and let them eat it.

Also, over time, you wont see it anymore. Since your system is brand new (?) every little thing stands out.



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It is not going to be a problem. Some critter will take care of the mess. As Jim suggesting a few more crabs won't hurt either.

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