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Hi new to the hobby I have a RSM 130 D for about 2 months and got sucked in like everyone said. Just bought a 125 gallon reef tank. I have been through a lot of BS with Sandy so decided to add some light to the family with the new tank. Curious about suggestions of adding nutrients source raw shrimp or food? I will be adding 100 lbs of live rock and 20 lb. of dried live rock. I love tangs and would love an angel but don't like reef safe with caution added with them. Any input on stocking tips and cycling tips would be greatly appreciated. Tank will get set up in the am let me know if you would like to see pics of either tank. The 34 gallon has an algea problem but I have been trying to tackle it with water changes ph 8.2, amonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates .25 phosphates .80 calcium 440 dkh 12. temp 79


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welcome to mr. i went with a shrimp when i cycled my tank, worked well. you can take some sand from your 34 to seed the 125 and speed up a little.


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Welcome to MR!
You have a great deal of phosphates in the tank which is going to be a headache. Like my tank!!:(
If I were you I would be more concerned with lowering the phosphates, and nitrates. Since you are starting with a good amount of live rock I don't really see a need to add anything else at this time.
I would start running a GFO (granulated ferric oxide) in a reactor, increase water changes to reduce those nasty P04.;) Your inhabitants, and you will be much happier.;)

What are you using to test the P04? Hopefully you are using a Hanna meter for this. You get a much better (accurate) reading.

Best wishes for a healthy, and thriving reef!!!!!!!

Looking forward to pix.:)


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I use Vertex biopellets and a Vertex media reactor to manage phosphates. Buy the pellet upgrade kit, it keeps the unit from clogging. It took a while to colonize the bacteria but it now works great.

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