diy help with wood stand plz


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i have a 125 gallon reef ready tank i am thinking of building a wood stand that can fit a 55 or 75 gallon sump.
i never build any thing in my life dont know were to start. really could use some tips .
things on my mind now
1-2x4 or 4x4
2- 1 or 2 inches bigger then the tank
3- what 2 paint it with
4-can i go with out a center brace
5-were can i get pains to help
6- help help help plz please


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2X4 is plenty

I'd go where the inside of the moulding is 1/4" away on 3 sides with the back against the wall having no lip

Paint the inside with kilz the outside either stain with poly over it OR regular paint

If its a 125 and is 6 feet I'd put either a center brace to be able to put a big door on either side or if you want you can out a very wide double door in the center and build supports on both sides right where the doors hinges will be

I've seen some plans on some sites. Just search around. Plenty of people have published great plans with plenty of pics and exact directions and specs.

Good luck bro.