MJ1200 pump Rattling and not Pulling Water


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Hello MR,
I have had my MJ1200 pump for a year now, and it was doing just fine with my Phosban 150. I noticed today that my Phosban reactor was just idle and when I pulled the pump out of the water... it was rattling.
The pump is not pulling in water. I've cleaned every part of the pump that doesnt need a screwdrived and it still rattles and doesnt pull in water. Is this thing dead? or can it be repaired?
If it can be fixed.... what do i do??


Thanks =)


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Is the shaft turning? Is it broken? There is a little piece of plastic that breaks easily, located between the magnet and the impeller. The signs are the magnet able to slide way more than it used to.

Coral Theory

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More than likely, the pump's impeller is damaged. You can still salvage the pump, however you will need to replace the impeller. Or it may just end up being easier to replace the pump.

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