Cycle taking to long Nitrite and Nitrate to high

Celtic Lad

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Hey guys I come to you bearing a question in regards to a 225 gallon salt water reef tank, its been in cycle for a month and two weeks. Its gone through a brown algae form which is starting to fade, and green algae is starting to grow yet the Nitrite is staying within 2.0ppm while the nitrate is 40 ppm if its sits longer turns 160ppm. we have not done any water changes as we are waiting for the nitrites to come down, what should we do? Wait it out or do a water change? Also when I clean the class my skimmer gos crazy and overflows any ideas as to why?


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The Big City
Once you start getting Nitrates, especially that high, your should see the nitrite dropping.

What have you put in the tank for an ammonia source? It's possibly that something is causing a lot of ammonia to be produced, which in turn is turning into nitrites and then nitrates but because it's a lot it could be the reason why it's taking so long to catch up.


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Seems a lil long but not out of the realm. Running your skimmer is prolonging things. You should be feeding your tank s lil bit every day or to to keep your cycle going, but not too much where it causes a spike


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Hi lad,
You might consider adding "fluval cycle" to the tank according to the directions. I've used it and found it to drop numbers like yours considerably in a few days by adding a lot of beneficial bacteria.