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so I just started dosing NOPOX, I do half of the recommended dose since my nitrates are 0 and my phosphates are undetectable. I run chemipure blue and purigen in my filter. should I stop using them? and is it ok to just run gfo or carbon if i take the chemipure and purigen out?. I do have a bit of this brown algea on my back wall and im not sure if its just dying green hair algea or something worse. I have noticed since dosing the nopox its been reducing slightly. also what are some good test kits for a reef aquarium. im using the API one and im afarid im getting bad results with it.


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i used salifert and they said it accurate. In NOPOX, i think it should be daily dosage as per instruction but the dose is 1ml/25 gallon assuming the nitrate and phosphate is 0. probably im wrong.