Kessil a360we vs AI Hydra 26

Which light to go with?

  • Kessil A360

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • AI Hydra 26

    Votes: 4 66.7%

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Hi guys!
I need some advice for my 72g bow front.
Im switching up my lighting and my top two contenders are the 2 of either the Kessil a360we or AI Hydra 26.
I am not sure which is a better light for me to go with.
On one hand Kessil seems to be superior in quality of light and shimmer
On the other hand the Hydras are wirelessly controllable and seem to have more options

Although I would purchase the Kessil controller it isn't wireless
I may purchase an apex in the future so I would want to be able to connect them without much additional cost.
What matters most to me is which light will yield better results with a mixed tank, uses less power, and overall produces a better aesthetic appearance for the tank

Opinions welcome and wanted


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Kessil are nice, and look cool, but the spread and features not as good. For me it's function above form and would go hydra. But ideally would go with 2 hydra 52, turned longways. You could always turn down the intensity.