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Help Weird Changes
04-16-2017, 08:08 PM
Two weeks ago, my BTA went into my flow pump. I quickly did water changes and added Chemi Pure and everything seemed to go back to normal.

Two days ago, my emerald crabs were holding down my Blue Streak Cleaner Wrasse and trying to eat him while he was still alive. I pulled him out of there, he swam around a while and then he died 3 hours later.

Now my feather duster came out of his tube and my very large rose bubble tip anemone moved out of his spot for the first time since we got him (4 months ago) to under a rock and looks wilted. My feather duster doesn't look like he's moving anymore, but he did go plant the worm side under a rock and the feathers are out. I dont know what is happening in my tank. All my levels are exactly where they need to be (Mg is a little low, but not horrible).

Please help. Any advise is welcome!
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04-17-2017, 09:38 PM
With limited knowledge of your history and set up can only speculate. My first guess is that it sounds like you'r not feeding enough

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