Dipping into Saltwater


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Hello, I am new to Saltwater reef keeping.** Just started a JBJ 30 Gallon Rimless All In One tank.
70+ days in.** Not new to fishkeeping.* Have been involved with freshwater fish for 50 years.* Long time African Cichlid fish enthusiast.* Though recently have delved into a variety of other things, though maintain still a good number of tanks and African Cichlids and other cichlids.*
But figured I'd give saltwater a try.* I have been studying and reading quite a bit.
I have noted that there is a huge numbers of coral varieties, both in genus but in species, with many species variations.* But what I have noted is there really is no encyclopedia of Corals, both in the wild and in the Reef keeping hobby.*** There are some good books, some very well written, but absent the discussion of each variety that is available in the hobby and seen in the wild.
What I would like to see is a photo of a mature coral for each species, as well a few photos of the frags from those mature colonies.* Is this available?* Somewhere?* If not, would anyone consider sending those to me.
I would like to make a study of coral origination, geographical, discovery, and details regarding growth, water requirements, feeding, etc.*
I understand this may be a monumental task, but if I start seeing some pictures, with the Genus and Species identified, perhaps I can begin this process.
I think with the assistance of the wide masses of Reef Keeping Enthusiasts, I may be able to develop something that everyone will enjoy.* But it would take a huge effort and could only been done with those raising corals, those propagating corals, those collecting corals, help and support.

E-mail those Photos (please identify the Coral by Genus, Species, Common name and list of common names, any background you know on the Coral, please send a Photo of a mature colony as well as a frag or a few frags) *to:** Falball@aol.com
Please don't hesitate to identify yourself as well.
Thank you for your interest and cooperation.
I hope this gets off the ground.


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Welcome to the site

Have a plumbing and carpentry background, and many decades in the hobby. Think I know many aspects of the hobby back and forth, and have found success. Still amazes me when people know the names of every coral. Something I will never master