Starting a new tank


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So i am starting a new tank and i am trying to figure out the best way to go on a few things.

Looking to be able to get my tank ready the fastest and most secure way. So with that in mind do i go with transporting used live rock into my tank along with used water out of an old tank 75 gallon tank with some live rock into my new 125 gallon and add some fresh diro salt water for the rest needed and then order more live rock and cure that. Or do i go the dry rock road and use a bleach/acid cure method. And then lastly what about reef saver rock? And if i use reef saver rock do i start with a completely uncycled tank and cycle it all together or should i use the water out of the old tank?

The method i am looking for is a safe method to get some fish in the tank the quickest without pests to deal with in future when i add corals. Ofcourse i will be curing more rock to add to my final tank but looking to see whats best for me to start populating the tank now

Thanks for any advice


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Taking rock, or sand, or filter floss/sock from an established tank is much more effective than taking water.
Dry rock is the most cost effective, because it's sold buy the pound and you won't be paying for water. Is also the safest way to go to ensure no pests or hitchhikers. Pukani and/or reef saver are good choices

Think you should set up tank with rinsed dry rock, live sand, tap water and salt. Let it run for a day or three and then add some quick cycle in a bottle stuff, and/or a sock from a known safe established tank. Getting a bit of sand and rocks from an established tank would help too.
Leave skimmer and lights off until cycle is complete. If you doing a refugium put mud/sand and you can run the lights on that while cycling, but don't add plants till cycle is complete. Would phantom feed during and beyond cycle.

Sorry, patients is key. The more you try to speed things up, the less stability and margin for safety