Anybody Running 2 AI Primes HDs over 40 gallon fusion or similar size?


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Hey Everyone, thinking of rolling with a 40 gallon fusion tank instead of the 20 gallon originally mentioned in my recent posts. I already purchased to AI Primes HD to use with it in hopes that I can really get a mix reef going with some sps corals which I never had before, I always stuck with softies or lps. I was hoping to find some members who have a similar size tank 24x16x19 tank dimensions. So Im crossing my fingers with to AI Primes I should be able to reach the goal of a mix reef. Anybody have similar size set up with 2 ai primes? Would like to get par readings so may think of purchase a par meter or rent one lol. Thanks!


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I also have a JBJ nano 24 that's 20X18X20 with one AI prime. Everything looks great and thriving. I have a Red Monti a Green monti and an "easy" Purple bonsai acropora" on the top which all are doing nicely.