Quarantine Tank Regimen


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Hey All,

Going the route of the safe reefer and decided to build the space for a 29G cube quarantine tank for my new fish. It has an MP10 for flow, marineland LEDS and I bought a Fluval Power filter.

Few questions, so bear with me.

1. I know you shouldn't run carbon with most medicines. Is a power filter run with sponge and biomax rings enough to keep this sucker clean, with water changes? Don't really want to splurge on a nano-skimmer...seems ok with such a small bioload.

2. What is the regimen for medicines you use on new fish? Here I am totally a newb. Never had to treat anything in my life, but I know that luck will quickly run out when I plan to add 20-25 fish over the next year.

3. Should I keep the tank running when not in use? Seems smart to keep the biofiltration alive but is the cost worth keeping it running?

4. Should I add anything in the tank, like live rock or sand or PVC tubes to hide, even just fake aquarium plants?

5. Can I quarantine multiple fish at the same time? I'm sure some medicines aren't good for some/good for others...but otherwise, ok?

Appreciate any and all answers anyone has, even something I've left out. Thanks.