Odd Question - Anyone Use an Airstone in their DT?


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So I just got a beautiful Quoyi Parrot from POTO, which is a great new store on Staten Island btw, but during the acclimation into my tank, I noticed he's having a blast swimming through the airstone bubbles. I've never had a fish more active during acclimating.

I've never actually seen an airstone in a tank except freshwater or when the O2 needs to be increased, but wondering if anyone here runs one full time in their display - not just sump area? Could it increase algae buildup? But maybe on a timer to run a few times per day? Just ruminating here...tell me your thoughts


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Never seen one
Would definitely help with ph
You can float a sponge on top of the bubbles to help with the salt creep

The problem i see is you will have a bunch of micro bubbles if your display and can cause problems with coral