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Hi can anyone help me learn to hold my water parameters . My calcium fluctuates I want to learn about reactors and ways to simplify holding all parameters


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dosing is your best bet. I use ATI Essentials which I love. 3 different liquids I dose and its really a no brainer. I test weekly to see what I need to tweak, but haven't had to do much and my growth is great.

I also used BRS 2 part (alk and cal) which worked fairly well. Theres a lot out there on dosing. Get a high quality dosing pump, like Kamoer or GHL and dose/test, test/dose. There are also calculators on Bulk Reef Supply.com to help you with how much you should dose based on tank size, but realize your intake of the elements has a lot to do with how much you need to dose too.

I would dose before you mess with reactors which aren't as plug and play as one would like.