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Hi, I have had algae problems since I started my tank. This is my first ever tank and have posted a few of my seemingly serious problems. The tank is about 3 months old, 20 gal with a 2? deep sandbed and about 15 lbs of dry rock. I cycled with Dr Tims ammonia solution and live nitrifying bacteria. I had the ammonia & nitrate spikes and then everything zeroed out. I had the diatoms but then green hair algae exploded along with either cyano or Dino?s. I have done multiple water changes, siphoned the crap off the sandbed and rock and fully removed the rock and scrubbed down with toothbrush 3 times. Everything looks good for a few days and then bang! Algae is back! I was using API tests that were telling me phosphates & nitrates were zero but just got the salifert tests and nitrates are 50ppm! I only have a small CUC, one small ocellated clown and a tailspot blenny. I only feed once a day so I don?t think it?s overfeeding but I am worried it?s the dry rock. I just started dosing hydrogen peroxide 2x per day. Hopefully this will stop the algae from starting up again. Any ideas or advice is very welcome.



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what kind of snails do you have? variety? ever think of adding a sea hare - not entirely sure this is GHA but could be the way to go since your other methods seem on point. do you use RODI water?


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Seems like a relatively easy fix, 1) get ur water tested by a 3rd party I.e LFS; friend with reliable test kits( non expired/consistent test), find out where ur chemistry is at.
2) increase flow Dino/cyano tend to grow where gases are being broke down/released. Increase flow/current and looking into sand sifters, gobies,snails,wrasses, starfish anything that turn over ur sand( I recommend nassarius snails) and just let ur tank balance out, you might be cleaning it to often causing temporary relief.
3) what?s ur lighting schedule? Could be to much light(time/intensity)